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Gender-Based Violence and Mediation, a Non Sequitur?

I recently was offered a position as a mediator in Lome, Togo. The position would have entailed me to mediate cases of gender-based violence. I refused it for practical reasons (pay, work conditions, length, even though the beach looked nice enough), yet it brought me to question the role of mediation in the context of … Continue reading

Bulletproof Vest Wearing Anglo-Saxon Custom Agents

I had arrived at Trudeau International in Montreal after a stint in Africa. I was tired, and happy to be home after quite an ordeal abroad. Unfortunately, I knew something unpleasant was waiting for me once I got off the plane. No, it was not my mother’s smooches, nor the inevitable post-travelling depression. It was … Continue reading

Sailing and Bagpipes

I was at Hotel St-James in beautiful old Montreal two nights ago to meet a friend of mine named Michael (who comes from a pretty well-known family here in Canada which I will not name). Michael was in Montreal for a business meeting and was returning to Switzerland and to work the following day. I had met him … Continue reading

Integration training

Well, integration took place at CRC Quebec HQ in “wonderful” Nun’s Island last night…Pretty funny stuff, since I had no idea where I was, and had to ask the driver if we had actually arrived…. I blame it all on the plethora of new Iphone games I acquired, which make any of my commutes a … Continue reading

Monkey anyone?

Well, it is morning and drinking my roommate’s healthy green tea made me realize at what point I was back in the fold, as one may say, from my more adventurous times in Gabon. While the occasional poutine in Montreal might sometimes confuse my taste buds, I think that nothing will ever beat the menu … Continue reading

Fratelli e Sorelle d’Italia!

Ciao a tutti! Per i miei amici italiani (specialmente i torinesi), benvenuti sul mio blog! Volete scrivere qualcosa per diventare famosi? Aiutatemi! Anche se volete fare un po di pubblicità per i vostri blog, articoli, etc. Giulio QBPQWMH56NRC

A retreat from the world stage

A retreat from the world stageHere is an article drafted by my uncle Daryl Copeland in the Ottawa Citizen. Discussing Canada’s role in foreign affairs, he says: “ in other words, the once familiar helpful fixer, honest broker, provider of “good offices” and Boy Scout to the world is no more. Canada’s image, reputation and … Continue reading

Canadian Red Cross unit news

Well ladies and gentlemen, The winter season is beginning, which means more fires and more individuals affected by disasters. The average is more than 2 fires per day in the greater Montreal area! It will be great experience for me to work with people affected by disasters and hopefully I’ll gain important skills in order … Continue reading

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