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Canadian Red Cross unit news

Well ladies and gentlemen,
The winter season is beginning, which means more fires and more individuals affected by disasters.

The average is more than 2 fires per day in the greater Montreal area! It will be great experience for me to work with people affected by disasters and hopefully I’ll gain important skills in order to better help them in their ordeal.

Floods are contained in Monteregie, although the Red Cross is present for the recovery phase, with the help of a specific fund. Normally the Red Cross only provides emergency help and does not stay for a longer period.
Being left outside in minus 10 degrees Celsius is not that pleasant, especially if one rapidly leaves a burning house in light clothing such as pijamas or worse… Apparently they still need people to help with risk management…Might give them a call!

A new pilot project inspired by the American Red Cross is being tried out in Montreal, which involves establishing a Red Cross headquarters (of sorts…) downtown in order to better mobilize individuals. Logistically it is also advantageous since transport will be based there, as well as with other equipment. 

Although only operating weeknights for now, such a project will also have the advantage of grouping together Red Cross workers with individuals affected by the disasters, since it is at the same location where they will pass their nights if they need emergency shelter.

We’ll see, since I am supposed to participate in the pilot project soon enough. Getting ready for integration training this week and then the first Christmas party…


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