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Red Cross

Integration training

Well, integration took place at CRC Quebec HQ in “wonderful” Nun’s Island last night…Pretty funny stuff, since I had no idea where I was, and had to ask the driver if we had actually arrived….

I blame it all on the plethora of new Iphone games I acquired, which make any of my commutes a lot more interesting…Although it becomes quite easy to lose spatial awareness in the process. And ending up not knowing if one is on an island or not…

Once arrived, I thought that the training itself was going to take a little longer than it actually did. It seems that the preferred strategy at the CRC is to encourage learning in the field. Quite ok with that, since as someone once told me, we tend to remember a lot more information when we act it out, instead of simply filling our brains with theoretical information….

The team and I got some extra kit for our future interventions, such as blankets, field forms and hygiene kits. I learnt some important stuff! For example, care must be taken to avoid leaving much equipment outdoors in cars during the winter, since frozen shampoo has been shown to be quite useless.

You should of seen the look of total jealousy on my roommates faces when I arrived with all my Red Cross kit at home for storage… It would have made my night if the Canadiens had not squandered a 3-0 lead to the Canucks and lost in the shootouts…

While I have to complete some first aid training (I probably took at least 10 courses in my life, although i am now “expired”), I am now officially “trained” of sorts, and can now intervene in disasters!

I don’t know if that deserves a yey! since I don’t really want anybody’s house to burn down… But let’s say that I can’t wait to be in the field!



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