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Arrestations massives de Roms à la frontière

C’est un défi qui affecte l’Europe depuis déjà beaucoup d’années, mais qui commence seulement récemment à faire les manchettes au Québec. Fuyant la discrimination, certains Roms tentent de quitter l’Europe, continent qu’ils ont sillonné de façon nomade, vraisemblablement depuis le Moyen-âge. Ils sont souvent victimes de grave discrimination, notamment en Roumanie et en Hongrie, et mènent une existence … Continue reading

On flying

I must have been eight years old when I discovered my love of flying. I had transformed my room into a full-fledged airport. Taking the glow-in-the-dark road markings from my Hot Wheels set, I had stuck them to the floor in order to organize runways, taxiways and terminals. Even the planes had some sort of … Continue reading

Ti ho visto ieri sera

Ti ho visto ieri sera caminando per la strada solo in un breve istante una visione nella notte     Bagnata nella luce artificiale e fredda che si sbatte sul tuo viso dolce  e palido     Sembro un spettatore una tela impressionista confondendo oscurita e luce amore e indifferenza     Il mio corpo … Continue reading

L’Influence du Postmodernisme et la Judiciarisation de la Société

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.[1] – Thomas Jefferson Plusieurs évènements récents, comme l’instauration de la Loi 78 par le Gouvernement Charest pour résoudre la crise étudiante au Quebec, ou le débat sur le port du casque à vélo obligatoire pour … Continue reading

On trips in your own backyard

Simply put, I believe I have travelled somewhat. Born in Tanzania, passing through Brazil, growing up in Canada and having studied in Europe for three years, I have experienced adventure travel, romantic travel, culinary travel, chilling in Tuscany with ten drunk Danes type of travel, military travel, sailing trips, and the like. Sailing in the Firth … Continue reading

The Canadian Red Cross, Humanity, and Albert Schweitzer’s “Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben” (Reverence for Life)

Too often in life, we take things for granted. We are often too busy staring at our own navel to really appreciate the fact that there are other individuals out there, each with their own challenges and hopes. In our modern society, we have grown accustomed at dusting off the tip of Maslow’s pyramid when … Continue reading

The Emergency Intervention Unit

Most of the time, I write my posts from home. Yet today I am not.  Instead, I am in a hotel room/apartment rented out by the Canadian Red Cross in order to provide emergency response for disaster services. Now I know some might bicker and ask why we are in a hotel in the first place. Can’t … Continue reading

Disaster Strikes. Really.

We all live through what we call disasters, such as relationships gone wrong, the performance of the local sports team, or your attempt at cooking something more complicated than macaroni and cheese. They can be painful experiences. Yet real disasters are also much more serious in scope, and fundamentally affect the lives of those involved. … Continue reading

Crossing a border without proper I.D.? Mais Monsieur!

A short while ago, I wrote on my experiences dealing with custom officials from around the world. Well, I was checking my daily BBC news and fell on a story that caught my interest: “A Canadian man who forgot his passport has said that he managed to cross the border into the US using a … Continue reading

3 reasons why I love Italian trains (or used to)

Let’s get things straight. I love to travel. I like to think of myself (like many others) as a seasoned traveller. And when I do, I prefer travelling by train and I have seen my fair share of them. With a former girlfriend living in Germany (I was living in Paris), I would often take … Continue reading

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