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The Canadian Red Cross, Humanity, and Albert Schweitzer’s “Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben” (Reverence for Life)

Too often in life, we take things for granted. We are often too busy staring at our own navel to really appreciate the fact that there are other individuals out there, each with their own challenges and hopes. In our modern society, we have grown accustomed at dusting off the tip of Maslow’s pyramid when … Continue reading

The Emergency Intervention Unit

Most of the time, I write my posts from home. Yet today I am not.  Instead, I am in a hotel room/apartment rented out by the Canadian Red Cross in order to provide emergency response for disaster services. Now I know some might bicker and ask why we are in a hotel in the first place. Can’t … Continue reading

Integration training

Well, integration took place at CRC Quebec HQ in “wonderful” Nun’s Island last night…Pretty funny stuff, since I had no idea where I was, and had to ask the driver if we had actually arrived…. I blame it all on the plethora of new Iphone games I acquired, which make any of my commutes a … Continue reading

Canadian Red Cross unit news

Well ladies and gentlemen, The winter season is beginning, which means more fires and more individuals affected by disasters. The average is more than 2 fires per day in the greater Montreal area! It will be great experience for me to work with people affected by disasters and hopefully I’ll gain important skills in order … Continue reading

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