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On flying

I must have been eight years old when I discovered my love of flying. I had transformed my room into a full-fledged airport. Taking the glow-in-the-dark road markings from my Hot Wheels set, I had stuck them to the floor in order to organize runways, taxiways and terminals. Even the planes had some sort of … Continue reading

On trips in your own backyard

Simply put, I believe I have travelled somewhat. Born in Tanzania, passing through Brazil, growing up in Canada and having studied in Europe for three years, I have experienced adventure travel, romantic travel, culinary travel, chilling in Tuscany with ten drunk Danes type of travel, military travel, sailing trips, and the like. Sailing in the Firth … Continue reading

Crossing a border without proper I.D.? Mais Monsieur!

A short while ago, I wrote on my experiences dealing with custom officials from around the world. Well, I was checking my daily BBC news and fell on a story that caught my interest: “A Canadian man who forgot his passport has said that he managed to cross the border into the US using a … Continue reading

3 reasons why I love Italian trains (or used to)

Let’s get things straight. I love to travel. I like to think of myself (like many others) as a seasoned traveller. And when I do, I prefer travelling by train and I have seen my fair share of them. With a former girlfriend living in Germany (I was living in Paris), I would often take … Continue reading

Bulletproof Vest Wearing Anglo-Saxon Custom Agents

I had arrived at Trudeau International in Montreal after a stint in Africa. I was tired, and happy to be home after quite an ordeal abroad. Unfortunately, I knew something unpleasant was waiting for me once I got off the plane. No, it was not my mother’s smooches, nor the inevitable post-travelling depression. It was … Continue reading

Sailing and Bagpipes

I was at Hotel St-James in beautiful old Montreal two nights ago to meet a friend of mine named Michael (who comes from a pretty well-known family here in Canada which I will not name). Michael was in Montreal for a business meeting and was returning to Switzerland and to work the following day. I had met him … Continue reading

Monkey anyone?

Well, it is morning and drinking my roommate’s healthy green tea made me realize at what point I was back in the fold, as one may say, from my more adventurous times in Gabon. While the occasional poutine in Montreal might sometimes confuse my taste buds, I think that nothing will ever beat the menu … Continue reading

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